lemon bavoir

How to make a perfect Lemon Bavoir?
STEP 1 – Just take one already finished, mild custom, 1967 Bug in show winning condition by the name of ‘Lemon Bavoir’ and start it all over again.
Darren Peat wanted a show stopping VW Beetle with a targa top so he popped along to see Mr.Townsend at Thump! Thump! Where else?
After some discussion with Darren, Jay got out his grinder and set about creating another targa bug but this one would be different from the rest. This targa top blends in to the window pillars, smoothing in to the top of the windscreen. Again like the other targa’s one piece windows and removable door tops really emphaise the Targa section.
By removing such a large section of the roof something was needed to keep the rigidity in the chassis, so Karmann cabrio chassis rails were welded on.
The running boards were junked and were plated over to give a lowered smooth look. While the front and rear wings were stretched and shaped to blend in with the new look perfectly.
All body trim and handles were removed and the holes welded up, the engine lid lost its number plate and light and were relocated underneath the new custom targa rear bumper.

The targa bumpers hug the contours of the body work with the rear lights being built in to the bumpers to give the rear of Lemon Bavoir a totally smooth look.
However the mods didn’t stop with the exterior, as the dash board is completely smooth with the speedo relocated under the dash, all set off by a Thump! stainless steel steering wheel. The interior was completely trimmed and then one more modification was made before the car got its lemon paint work. The rear air intakes were cut out and new metal was welded in to place. Lemon Bavoir was skillfully cut out in the true Thump! style.
The finished car was the best targa made in the UK, over the years since the first targabug Jay has continuously improved the design until the final targa ran off the production line. In total seven targa’s were made, interestingly no two cars in the same colour?! Can you name them all?

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