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Help Gary get home for his mums funeral


Right, I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m asking for help for a VERY good friend of mine and a friend to all the VW scene and a pioneering player in the early part of our UK dub scene and to B289. He won’t ask so I’m going to… Many of you know Gary Constable as one half of Thump Thump and latterly of Mutant Design… He lives in the US where he moved to many years ago to start a family. His mother has just died yesterday and he needs to get back to the UK as soon as possible but certainly for the funeral. As all of you will know, finding ‘instant’ money is tough for all of us and so I’m asking if any of you guys will help by making a donation (I’m trying to work something out to make that easier). For those of you that don’t know Gary personally, I can tell you he’s a great and humble guy, but you WILL know some of his work for sure…. Billabug instantly comes to mind… I know we all have lives to lead and bills to pay but I’m gonna ask for some help for Gary… I know how I would feel if I was stuck in a country far away when one of my parents died, so even the smallest donation will help. Every little bit will help to get Gary home in this sad time… Thanks in advance to all of you for any help you can give to Gary.

You can help Gary by donating on the gofundme site.