It’s Bug Jam 90 and Targabug walks off with the title of Europe’s most beautiful VW. Europe’s most beautiful Volkswagen was considered by many as the ultimate award in the VW scene. To win this award there has to be something very special about a VW.
It all start a couple of years earlier after a chance meeting between Darren and Jay Townsend at a VW Skateboard show in the Docklands, London. The car had already had several mods carried out and had been featured in Volksworld twice already. It was in ‘How To’ Porsche wheels and Hidden hinges. So the ’67 bug was booked in to the Thump! Thump! workshops to have some radical work carried out. De-seaming of the car was first to be completed and followed by the targa top, which had never been seen before outside of the USA. The targa section was cut as large as possible to enhance to look. The lines of the doors and removable door tops make this conversion look as if VW themselves had carried out the work.

th_hotvwstargaJT knew exactly how he wanted the car to look. Smooth and as Porsche like as possible. The rear window vents were paneled over and the word ‘targabug’ was carefully cut out of the sheet metal by hand. Next to go were all the lights on the wings both front and rear. This meant relocating them in to the bumpers. These were also targa’d and now follow the contours of the car perfectly and still allow the engine lid and bonnet to open perfectly.
It was now looking just like the original quote by Thump! Thump! and was prepped ready for the bright VW Tornado Red paint. The interior was also reworked with a smooth dash with relocated speedo, sewfine interior and billet goodies. A 1500 engine block was sent to the polishing shop and then fitted with a complete set of colour coded tinwear. Baby dells, bosch 009, hidden coil and fuel pump completed the pristine engine bay. Targabug continued to set the bench mark for show cars for others to follow. The car was finished just in time for Bug Jam 1990 where it walked away the the title of Europe’s most beautiful VW.


targabug5Targabug was put in to daily use and was starting to show signs of it’s many miles come rain or shine, so the decision was made to take it off the road and totally rework it again. After a couple of years it was out on the show scene once again after an extensive rebuild to the highest of standards. Suicide doors are just one of the many new mods to be added to targabug by the current owner Steve.
For many VW show goers who were not around in the early 1990’s it will be the first time they have seen Targabug and I’m sure that it’s a car that they will not forget. Volksworld show 2005 saw the long awaited reappearance of Targabug.


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